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The Right Data, Engagement and Coaching at the Right Time.

LinkeDrive’s solution provides drivers with the relevant and timely information they need to perform at their best. This includes fair assessments of performance that take into account weather, terrain, and traffic, as well as personalized coaching, and context-rich daily, weekly, and monthly engagements. And it can all be accessed through driver's mobile devices when and where they need it most. 

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LinkeDrive's Cycle of Positive Driver Engagement provides Real-Time, Daily, Weekly and Monthly Custom Coaching.

Our LinkeDrive solution provides easy access to all the needed engagement touchpoints to help your drivers get to best-in-class performance.

  • Real-Time: PedalCoach® is your real-time in cab companion coaching you in the moment. Then, our LinkeDriveR™ App gives you the end-to-end view of your performance in real-time exactly when you need it.

  • Daily: MyDrive reports give drivers relevant and context-rich information about their driving activity for the day.

  • Weekly: MyCoach™ delivers customized coaching messages for every driver in your fleet, tuned to your company’s goals and objectives, with positive reinforcement focusing on where drivers need help the most!

  • Monthly: MyScore® end-of-the-month reports showcase your drivers’ and overall fleet LinkeDrive scores based on Fuel, Efficiency, Safety and Productivity. These metrics are ranked by score making it easy-to-understand where things went well and where focus is needed.



LinkeDrive's in-cab gauge shows drivers how they are performing from a fuel efficiency standpoint in real time, helping them make changes in the moment to reach peak performance levels.

For LinkeDrive customers looking to enhance their fleet’s use of cruise, our
CruiseCoach™ feature within PedalCoach®, coaches your drivers real-time to their most effective use of cruise control.

LinkeDriveR™ App

The driver performance hub gives drivers the relevant reporting and information they need to adjust and improve their performance in real time.


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