Getting Started  

Introduction to PedalCoach (Video):

An introduction to the PedalCoach application

Introduction to LinkeDriveR (Video):
An introduction to the UnkeDriveR driver platform

PedalCoach Installation Instructions (PDF):
Instructions on how to install the PedalCoach application on your Android device

Pairing the VNA to your Android Device (PDF):
Instructions on how to pair your device to your VNA/tractor

LinkeDrive Portal/ Driver Reporting Features (Video):

Video guide on the useful driver reporting features available to you

F.A.Q. (Video):
Frequently asked questions about PedalCoach


Troubleshooting (Video):
Common troubleshooting tips for PedalCoach

Windows Arrangement Feature (PDF):
lnformation on utilizing the floating windows arrangement feature for PedalCoach

Software Upgrade Process (Video):
Video guide on how to successfully upgrade PedalCoach versions