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We Take Action Against Your Actionable Insights.

We know how unrealistic it is for operational teams to reach and help every driver achieve their full potential, let alone help the drivers struggling the most, and we’re here to help. Other driver performance management solutions will promise to give you “Actionable Insights.” What they don’t talk about is the added remedial case management, and the additional load your team will now need to take on, to then go and do something with all that information.


At LinkeDrive, we believe there is a better way. Our fully-automated solution analyzes and aggregates all data it gathers together with your third party data feeds. It then automatically compares the performance of all drivers. We identify the strong and weak points for each driver, automatically creating weekly coaching that will praise each driver where they are doing well, also highlighting where improvements can be made. Operational teams can naturally augment this process, but it’s not required. We show what performance was measured, what the metrics are, what coaching decisions were made, and what actual messages were sent to your drivers. You can see this all in the MyLinkeDrive™ portal - if you have the time. If you cannot afford this time every week, we keep doing all this work for you automatically, without the need for human supervision.

MyLinkeDrive Key Features:

  • Integrated fleet and driver performance reporting (LinkeDrive native data and 3rd party)

  • Assess behaviors and performance across all data sources for Fuel, Efficiency, Safety, and Productivity with easy to understand and normalized scoring.

  • Telematics data reporting

  • Live maps and driving traceability

  • Fleet and driver trend reporting

  • Leaderboards

  • Able to access all driver facing reports, consistent with HQ view

The LinkeDrive solution is the easiest and most effective way to build the world's best drivers and fleets while optimizing your operations.

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