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Helping Drivers Deal with Severe Weather

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

We all understand how stressful it is for any driver to have to go through blizzard conditions … after all LinkeDrive is located in the Northeast, home of the dreaded “Nor’easter”. When really severe weather hits, it is especially important to have a system that can easily identify drivers who may be affected and allows the driver managers or safety managers to get in touch with the drivers at a moment’s notice.

The LinkeDrive Driver Performance Management platform is designed to allow for this. As you can see below, the system can easily identify – either manually, or, automatically – all drivers who are currently in or driving into areas with severe weather alerts. The system automatically gathers all National Weather Service alerts. Once the drivers are identified, connecting with them is very easy.

If accessing the system from a phone, one can just call with a touch of an icon. The system is also capable of texting the drivers if needed, which can also be automated according to a company’s preferred approach to severe weather, i.e. “when” to notify a driver to take shelter immediately, receive confirmation that they are safe, and notify when to go back On Duty. Or perhaps creating an accountability loop around an Idle Ok / Not Ok policy, and building it into an incentive plan.

Heading into the Blizzard

Idle Temperature

Drivers and driver managers can connect easily, driver managers can get an accurate assessment of the situation on the road and can decide with the drivers on the best course of action.

In closing, we thank the hardworking men and women that haul America’s freight through many hazards, in this case, severe weather. Stay safe out there, drivers!

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