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LinkeDrive and BlueArrow Telematics are Partnering to Build Unstoppable Fleets in Trucking

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

BOSTON, Mass. - MARCH 08, 2022 - LinkeDrive®, Inc., a pioneer in fully-automated fleet performance management, announced today that its driver and fleet performance management solution is now available through BlueArrow Telematics, an industry expert and consultation firm that provides streamlined fleet management solutions and technologies to help fleets build efficient, effective and accountable mobile workforces. This partnership is timely and can help remedy some of the biggest challenges in the trucking industry today, from the record-lows in driver retention, to the record-highs in fuel costs, even the increasing safety concerns on our highways.

With this partnership, BlueArrow Telematics customers will have access to LinkeDrive’s personalized reporting and positive coaching solution to maximize their investment and increase the value of their data. This will power fleets with safer, smarter and stronger drivers — all while helping to improve fuel efficiency, safety, driver retention, and productivity.

By using Nobel-Prize-winning behavioral science and economics research, LinkeDrive engages drivers in the cab in real-time with context-rich daily, weekly, and monthly content and personalized coaching — all tuned to organizational goals and objectives. With the LinkeDriveR™ App and MyLinkeDrive portal seamless integration, every driver and manager can access the full LinkeDrive solution in one click whenever they need it.

Operational teams and fleets can take advantage of unique features like LinkeDrive’s daily MyDrive reports that highlight accomplishments, MyCoach® that delivers positive, personalized coaching, and monthly MyScore® reports that show drivers how their performance ranks against their peers. And now Drivers no longer have to wait till the end of the month, they have full transparency into how they are tracking week to week against their monthly goals and performance with our MyScore Trend report!

“BlueArrow Telematics is always looking to partner with industry leading technologies, and we are thrilled to now offer LinkeDrive to improve fleet and driver efficiency, driver safety and driver retention for trucking companies. We believe that LinkeDrive’s Driver-Centric approach to fleet and driver performance management is the most effective way to unlock drivers’ full potential. LinkeDrive will help our customers to empower their drivers with personalized coaching, and context-rich daily, weekly, and monthly engagements,” said Stuart Lamm, CEO of BlueArrow Telematics. Stuart also added, “We are confident our trucking customers will find this solution a critical tool in increasing fleet profitability.”

“LinkeDrive is writing a new chapter in trucking and fleet management. One where fleets understand how data impacts both the driver and the fleet. It’s a new way forward that gives us an opportunity to unlock the data’s full potential and help each driver in real time,” said Jeff Baer, CEO, LinkeDrive. “We do the hard work of cleaning, normalizing and tuning the dataset to help drivers optimize performance. And the impact can be seen across the board — 25% increase in driver safety, 5% increase in fuel efficiency, and 10% increase in driver retention.”

“LinkeDrive is the most effective way to unlock drivers’ full potential. We are confident our trucking customers will find this solution a critical tool in increasing fleet profitability,” said Stuart Lamm, CEO of BlueArrow Telematics.

To learn more about LinkeDrive, you can visit and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About LinkeDrive, Inc. LinkeDrive, Inc was established to help fleets large and small reach greater profitability in their operations, starting with their drivers. LinkeDrive’s revolutionary, driver-centric approach to Driver and Fleet Management makes engaging, coaching and motivating drivers easier and more effective than ever before. By combining cutting-edge cloud-based technology with Nobel-Prize winning behavioral science and business intelligence, LinkeDrive’s tools help fleets haul smarter, empower drivers to live and work at their full potential, and enable trucking companies to safely, sustainably and profitably keep the world moving forward.

About BlueArrow Telematics: BlueArrow Telematics is a privately-owned company located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our mission is to provide customers with industry leading Mobile Workforce Technologies along with expert advice and superior customer support. We strive to lead our competitors in technology offerings, industry knowledge and customer support. Celebrating our 31st year in business, BlueArrow has forged ahead of competitors by helping business managers develop long-term goals, implement a mobile workforce strategy and provide them with leading telematics solutions to effectively monitor and manage these strategies. To learn more, please visit


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