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LinkeDrive and High Point GPS are Linking Up to Help Drivers and Fleets Find Their Highest Gear

BOSTON, Mass. - MAY 2022 - LinkeDrive®, Inc., the company transforming the trucking industry with its fully-automated fleet performance management solution, announced today that it is now partnering with High Point GPS, an industry-leading hub for high-performance telematics, to deliver its cutting-edge driver and fleet performance management solution to trucking fleets all across North America.

With the industry facing all-time-high fuel prices, record-low driver retention, and increasing safety concerns and regulations, this partnership couldn’t have happened at a better time for the industry.

With LinkeDrive and High Point GPS working together, High Point customers will now be able to access LinkeDrive’s personalized reporting and positive coaching solution to create safer, smarter and stronger drivers while improving fuel efficiency, safety, driver retention, and productivity fleetwide.

Using Nobel-Prize-winning behavioral science and economics research, LinkeDrive engages and empowers drivers in the cab in real-time with context-rich daily, weekly, and monthly content and personalized coaching — all tuned to organizational goals and objectives. With the LinkeDriveR™ App and MyLinkeDrive portal’s seamless integration, every driver and manager can access the full LinkeDrive solution in one click whenever they need it. Operational teams and fleets can take advantage of unique features, like LinkeDrive’s daily MyDrive reports that highlight accomplishments, MyCoach® that delivers positive, personalized in-cab coaching, and monthly MyScore® reports that show drivers how their performance ranks against their peers and monthly goals!

“Driver Behavior and Safety is complex to measure for Fleets and changes over time. It takes a great partner to accomplish the reporting coaching capabilities to measure and coach drivers to improve their driving habits. With the help of LinkDrive, we have upgraded our customer experience to the next level, and are pleased to announce we have reached this milestone today,” said CEO of High Point GPS, Israel Margulies.

“With the help of High Point GPS, LinkeDrive is proving to the industry how data impacts both the driver and the fleet, while helping every driver maximize safety, efficiency and profitability in real time. It’s a true game changer.” said Jeff Baer, CEO, LinkeDrive. To learn more about LinkeDrive, you can visit and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. About LinkeDrive, Inc. LinkeDrive, Inc was established to help fleets large and small reach greater profitability in their operations, starting with their drivers. LinkeDrive’s revolutionary, driver-centric approach to Driver and Fleet Management makes engaging, coaching and motivating drivers easier and more effective than ever before. By combining cutting-edge cloud-based technology with Nobel-Prize winning behavioral science and business intelligence, LinkeDrive’s tools help fleets haul smarter, empower drivers to live and work at their full potential, and enable trucking companies to safely, sustainably and profitably keep the world moving forward.

About High Point GPS High Point GPS is the leading global provider of fleet management software solutions, providing the latest and greatest cutting-edge Telematics and Video Solutions with world-class customer support. We partner with industry-leading providers to ensure that your fleet’s performance is optimized in four key areas: efficiency, safety, compliance, and accountability.

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