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LinkeDrive, Argos Connected Solutions Partnering to Build the Most Efficient and Productive Fleets

Updated: May 19, 2022

BOSTON, Mass - APRIL 26, 2022 - LinkeDrive®, Inc., the company driving the revolution in fully-automated fleet performance management, just announced that its driver and fleet performance management solution is now available through Argos Connected Solutions, an industry leader in connecting fleets with cutting-edge technology. This partnership comes at the perfect time to help solve some of the biggest challenges in the trucking industry today, like record-low driver retention, record-high fuel costs, and increasing safety concerns on our highways.

With this partnership, Argos Connected Solutions customers can access LinkeDrive’s personalized reporting and positive coaching solution to maximize their investment and increase the value of their data. This will power fleets with safer, smarter and stronger drivers — all while helping to improve fuel efficiency, safety, driver retention, and productivity.

By using Nobel-Prize-winning behavioral science and economics research, LinkeDrive engages drivers in the cab in real-time with context-rich daily, weekly, and monthly content and personalized coaching — all tuned to organizational goals and objectives. With the LinkeDriveR™ App and MyLinkeDrive portal seamless integration, every driver and manager can access the full LinkeDrive solution in one click whenever they need it.

Operational teams and fleets can take advantage of unique features like LinkeDrive’s daily MyDrive reports that highlight accomplishments, MyCoach® that delivers positive, personalized coaching, and monthly MyScore® reports that show drivers how their performance ranks against their peers. And now Drivers no longer have to wait till the end of the month, they have full transparency into how they are tracking week to week against their monthly goals and performance with LinkeDrive’s MyScore Trend report.

“At Argos Connected Solutions, we are constantly looking for ways to help our current and future customers utilize technology to manage their fleets more effectively. By partnering with LinkeDrive we are going to be able to bring cutting edge technology that will immediately impact our customers overall safety, compliance, and productivity.” said Bobby Humphrey, CEO of Argos Connected Solutions.

“At LinkeDrive, we maximize truck driver and fleet performance by helping fleets get the most out of their data and use that data to empower and coach drivers to perform at their peak in real time,” said Jeff Baer, CEO, LinkeDrive. “By partnering with industry leaders like Argos Connected Solutions, we are now able to help fleets all over the country do exactly that and achieve results like 25% increase in driver safety, 5% increase in fuel efficiency, and 10% increase in driver retention.”

To learn more about LinkeDrive, you can visit and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About LinkeDrive, Inc.

LinkeDrive, Inc was established to help fleets large and small reach greater profitability in their operations, starting with their drivers. LinkeDrive’s revolutionary, driver-centric approach to Driver and Fleet Management makes engaging, coaching and motivating drivers easier and more effective than ever before. By combining cutting-edge cloud-based technology with Nobel-Prize winning behavioral science and business intelligence, LinkeDrive’s tools help fleets haul smarter, empower drivers to live and work at their full potential, and enable trucking companies to safely, sustainably and profitably keep the world moving forward.

About Argos Connected Solutions:

Argos Connected Solutions is a privately-owned company located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Argos Connected Solutions focuses on providing a consultative approach to helping fleets solve their day to day problems by using telematics to gain better insight into how their fleets are doing. By focusing on productivity, optimization, safety, sustainability, compliance, and expandability we can help fleets of any size. To learn more, please visit Argos Connection Solutions at


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