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LinkeDrive Driver Spotlight at Hell Bent Xpress

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

For our second article in the LinkeDrive driver spotlight blog series, we bring to you Jamie “Hell Bent” Hagen of Hell Bent Xpress.  Jamie started Hell Bent Xpress 8 years ago as an owner-operator with big aspirations, a love for trucking, and a keen focus on fuel efficiency and performance.  If you happen to be one of his over 7,000 and growing Twitter followers (Mack Lovin @hellbenthagen,, you know that he is a staunch Mack supporter and is in the process of growing his fleet.  At LinkeDrive, we were introduced to Jamie this past May when he started running our PedalCoach® product.  Jamie’s love for trucking was immediately recognized, as well as his witty humor… and we quickly became one of his many Twitter followers!

Trucking runs deep in Jamie’s veins, having grown up in a household where his father was a truck driver, and thus getting introduced to the business at a very early age.  Just how early? At the age of 16, Jamie was out on the road driving big rigs, where at the time a CDL was not required in his home state of South Dakota. Only two weeks after his 18th birthday Jamie got his CDL, and then at the age of 21 he bought his own truck.

Enter LinkeDrive’s PedalCoach! “I initially got turned onto PedalCoach by Joel Morrow (an industry thought-leader in trucking technology, award-winning driver, and 4M+ mile vet), as an in-cab tool to help drivers maximize fuel efficiency and one that also provides some pretty amazing reporting and analytics for drivers,” says Hagen.  “And what a great addition PedalCoach has been for me, as well as my business! I love using the tool!”

As a once-small startup ourselves, building a business focused on our long-standing mantra of “Saving Fuel, Reducing Accidents, and Retaining drivers”, we love seeing drivers like Jamie growing his business from the ground up.  And when we see drivers like Jamie taking our tool that he personally uses, and making that a fundamental, invaluable part of his operations as he grows his fleet, we know that we’ve done something right in providing quality and practical value with our products and services.  Congratulations Jamie on your recent 3rd tractor, and we look forward to seeing that 4th and 5th tractor on the road!


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