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USA Truck's Driver of the Year Reports 20% Lift with LinkeDrive

Updated: May 13, 2022

We are excited to introduce Michael McVeigh from USA Truck in this LinkeDrive Driver Spotlight. Michael is an admired driver who takes being #1 to the next level.

Michael began his career at USA Truck 27 years ago as a student. He is currently in the company’s Dedicated division and has over 2.5 million miles of safe driving. Through Michael’s on-going pursuit of excellence, he has racked up two recent and very impressive awards amongst the 1,500 drivers at USA Truck:

  1. 2017 Dedicated Driver of the Year

  2. 2017 Dedicated Most Fuel-Efficient Driver of the Year

Michael was recently asked by USA Truck’s fuel desk, “What has been the key to your success?” In a profession with so many variables that can impact a driver’s performance, even LinkeDrive was a bit surprised by his response… “I attribute 90% of my gains and follow-on success from the use of LinkeDrive’s PedalCoach.” As his Driver Manager Eilaine Day shares, “Michael is one of those individuals who will rise to any challenge… Give him a challenge and he’ll beat it every time!”

Our story with Michael begins in 2016 when PedalCoach was installed into his tractor. To establish a performance baseline, Michael was told to disregard our tool and drive as he did every day. After the appropriate amount of baselining had been established, an onboarding session and introduction to PedalCoach was provided to Michael.

Chad Kosterman, LinkeDrive VP of Customer Success and Operations reflects on the session, “We reached out to Michael for the onboarding and introduction. The onboarding took literally two minutes. After the brief overview, Michael said ‘OK… I got it from here,’ and that was it. Michael understood what he needed to do and was on his way… his results and the intuitive nature of our product speaks for itself.”

The following illustration highlights Michael’s gains:

After one brief onboarding session, Michael began seeing big results:

  1. Raised his PedalCoach score from an average of 86% to 99%

  2. Raised his drive MPG from an 8.5 to 10.2

Our LinkeDrive messaging to Drivers is that we do not expect perfection– monthly PedalCoach scores of 91s to 92s are a great start, 93s to 94s are very good, and 95s to 97s are exceptional.  Well… try telling Michael that! For the full year of 2017 and over 100,000 miles, Michael averaged a 98.85% PedalCoach score and 10.0 drive MPGs… this is truly an outstanding performance.

LinkeDrive Owner-Operator business has flourished somewhat unexpectedly and it's growing! Company drivers we’ve worked within the past are now transitioning to Owner-Operator models and wanting to put more $$ back in their pockets. Let us show you how we can help get results like Michael's results.

For organizations needing to implement a fair Driver Performance program, LinkeDrive’s PedalCoach and Driver Performance Management (DPM) platform can be an instrumental part of promoting best-in-class performance, automating key operational metrics and bonus programs, leveraging third-party data feeds and backend telematics data– all while addressing your driver retention challenges.

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