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LinkeDrive Integration with Geotab Announced

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

BOSTON, Mass. – December 30, 2019 – LinkeDrive®, Inc., a leading provider of Driver Performance Management (DPM) solutions for the transportation industry, announces the completion of an Integration with Geotab.

Geotab is a global leader in IOT and connected transportation, equipping more than 1.9 million vehicles with its telematics technology, a footprint of over 40,000 customers. Recently named as the top commercial telematics solution worldwide by ABI research and ranked number 447 on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™, Geotab is a proven global leader, providing open platform fleet management solutions to businesses of all sizes.

“The completion of our Geotab integration is yet another step forward in providing the most comprehensive and leading-edge Driver Performance Management (DPM) solution to the industry,” states LinkeDrive’s Founder and CEO, Jeff Baer. “In a long evolving list of growing integrations, Geotab further complements our rich end-to-end turnkey SaaS DPM solution for our customers. The completeness of Geotab’s data set has made it really easy in translating their data into our DPM solution. From our management facing portal to our automated DPM driver engagements, such as our daily MyDrive reports or monthly MyScore reports, our solution can be fully derived from Geotab data. And with Geotab’s scale as a global leader processing over 30 billion data points per day, we are ecstatic to be bringing this integration to the industry.”

Above: a view into LinkeDrive’s DPM portal (left to right): Live map with driving traceability, daily MyDrive report, Company Score report, and monthly MyScore report.

During this year’s Regional Run-on-Less, the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) showcased LinkeDrive’s Geotab integration at a national level. “When we approached the LinkeDrive team, our goal was to not only leverage the Geotab data, but more importantly, present it in a way that visualized what was truly happening on the road every day; their MyDrive daily reporting technology did just that,” shares Mike Roeth, Executive Director at NACFE. “LinkeDrive’s visualizations not only incorporated the Geotab telematics data, but they also mixed in additional third-party data feeds to show some really amazing views that included environmental information, such as weather and terrain. This received an immense amount of positive feedback from the industry and provided a comprehensive picture of what the drivers were facing every day, helping NACFE truly tell the Run-on-Less story, taking our Geotab data to the next level!”

Above: NACFE’s Run-on-Less webpage, showing the MyDrive reporting technology’s graphic representation of the driver’s daily activity, including drive map, speed and elevation profile, as well as weather.

LinkeDrive’s leading-edge and patented Driver Performance Management (DPM) solution begins in the cab with real-time coaching, followed by context-rich daily, weekly, and monthly engagements with drivers, tuned to organizational goals and objectives. An operationally streamlined and mobile-friendly portal is available to management, focused on ease-of-use and simplicity.

About LinkeDrive, Inc.

Based in Boston, Mass., LinkeDrive is committed to helping trucking and logistics companies improve fuel efficiency, heighten safety, and increase the retention rates of their drivers. The company’s combined expertise in cloud-based, mobile technology and the trucking industry helps to deliver solutions that accurately measure, coach and report on vehicle dynamics, fuel usage and driver performance. For further information, please visit Follow us on Facebook ( and on Twitter @LinkeDrive.


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