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New Year….New Ideas

Each New Year brings new goals, plans and expectations. Are you looking to squeeze out further fuel savings? Develop new programs to improve your driver retention rate? Reduce accidents?

Of all of the factors that affect fuel economy, more than a third are attributable to driver skill. Consider new ideas and technology such as in-cab, real-time coaching to help drivers learn and utilize efficient techniques such as progressive acceleration AND deceleration as well as handling changes in elevation efficiently. Remember, there is a 25% to 35% difference in MPG performance between the best and worst drivers. Furthermore, by using an in-cab coaching solution such as PedalCoach™ and our team of driving experts, carriers reap the benefits to the tune of a “nickel per mile” in fuel savings without creating additional workflow for the driver management function.

Another idea is to create a sense of competition that is fun with fuel-saving leaderboards accompanied by non-monetary and savings share incentives to get your drivers engaged with your company and pay attention to their driving habits. And, because they will actually watch their driving carefully to ensure they are on the boards, safety is a natural result.

If you would like help implementing a real-time, in-cab coaching device and developing a pay-for-performance program like this, please contact us at


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