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Shell’s 2018 Starship Launch from AirFlow Truck, with LinkeDrive’s PedalCoach

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Chad Kosterman, LinkeDrive’s VP of Customer Success and Operations, visited the Airflow Trucking Company, for the launch of the impressive Shell 2018 Starship. Chad stood alongside as Bob Sliwa, the President of AirFlow Trucking Company, prepared for the initial voyage of AirFlow’s advanced and precision focused truck.

Chad was able to witness LinkeDrive’s PedalCoach working real time with the 2018 Starship. PedalCoach is an invaluable asset and driver tool that will help AirFlow reach new industry marks in best-in-class fuel efficiency. Chad Kosterman’s article in full can be found on his LinkedIn profile page. 

Take a look at how AirFlow Trucking Company is pushing the envelope in R&D in the transportation industry.


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