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SmartCruise & SmartIdle: Incentivizing Safe Driving in the Winter Months

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Cruise control and idle metrics are a common centerpiece of a good driver performance evaluation and bonus program. With so many fleets investing in and outfitting their assets with the latest technology, fleets then look for their drivers to cruise more and idle less to achieve the right efficiencies and expected bottom-line savings for the organization. That all goes out the window though during winter weather!

When it’s snowing or raining, you don’t want your drivers cruising. They need to keep tight control over the vehicle speed to ensure the

safest possible operation. Likewise, in subzero weather when the APU isn’t enough, drivers need to idle the tractor overnight. Fleets then have the challenge of determining how to compensate for these conditions, while drivers stress about and risk losing their bonus for simply trying to do the right thing. That’s not fair. And when drivers are treated unfairly, they often leave.

There is a way to promote safe winter driving and evaluate drivers fairly in light of weather conditions. In LinkeDrive’s ongoing pursuit to provide the very best in fleet and driver performance management, we’ve released industry-first SmartCruise and SmartIdle performance metrics to the market!

  • Our SmartCruise logic recognizes when a driver is in the rain or snow, and automatically extracts that time from the total drive time when calculating Cruise Control percent.

  • Our SmartIdle logic recognizes the outside ambient temperature, and automatically extracts idle events that are above or below set thresholds from the idle percent calculations.

Drivers can do the right, safe thing without the worry of losing their bonus. There is no other system like LinkeDrive that automatically takes these types of real-world scenarios into consideration, removing what is outside of the driver’s control to ensure fairness when evaluating performance. In addition to SmartCruise and SmartIdle, LinkeDrive’s PedalCoach also filters out other factors beyond the driver’s control, including truck make, model, load and terrain. This ensures a fair fuel target and score for every driver, every time.

Fairness is the common thread that runs through all our solutions. Why? Because fairness directly correlates with job performance, job satisfaction and retention. In a world where fleets struggle to keep driver rosters full, increased retention is golden. By providing drivers with fair metrics that truly take into consideration the environmental challenges they face, LinkeDrive delivers a positive experience that truly reflects their efforts, where drivers feel understood and valued.

It’s time to up your game and invest in a system that leads with the scalability of your fleet and driver’s best interests in mind! Together, we can set your company’s full potential in motion!

Contact us to talk with one of our sales specialists to see your personalized ROI! Get started today to invest in your business and reap the benefits of LinkeDrive’s leading-edge technology, helping you put fairness back into your driver evaluations and bonus programs, even during the winter months!


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