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The Heat is On!

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

This past weekend posted just one degree shy of the hottest temperature ever recorded on earth![1] With dozens of other records set across the country over this past weekend, and dozens more anticipated to be set this week, how do you ensure you are fairly evaluating driver performance when considering measures like idle percent?

At LinkeDrive our focus from the day we opened our doors was on creating fair systems and measures when evaluating driver performance! Considering these excessive temps that are hitting your workforce, let’s look at how we approach idle percent. While so many telematics systems rely on the standard raw, long, or short idle numbers, we’ve developed “idle percent controlled by the driver,” a measure native to our Driver Performance Management (DPM) solution, and one that ensures drivers are not getting penalized by factors that are outside of their control. Specifically, with these excessive temps in mind, here are just a few examples of how we ensure “idle percent controlled by driver” fairly measures driver performance:

  1. Extract idle events where the air temperature around the tractor is above or below certain temperatures

  2. Set independent idle thresholds for APU versus no-APU tractors

Above: LinkeDrive’s Live Map showing driving activity and air temperature

The “idle percent controlled by driver” by default, also goes on to do things such as remove short idle events, as well as automatically remove EPU charging cycles through advanced machine learning! It doesn’t stop there though! Let’s assume you have specific business requirements relating to these measures. Not a problem! LinkeDrive’s DPM solution has an extensible framework that not only has a rich native data set packed full of patented and leading-edge technology, but it is also open to customers and other third-party data feeds. Lastly, given that our DPM solution is packed full of smart automations to reduce your operational load… we do the work for you, and give you and your team time back!

So, when considering the temps your drivers are experiencing right now, and other factors that are outside of their control, don’t leave it up to chance! Invest in a solution that builds culture by fairly assessing driver performance, giving back to these #essentialworkers, and operational teams!



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