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Top 5 Reasons to Go Driver Centric

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Succeeding in ​today’s trucking industry requires next-level efficiency, safety, and emissions management, all of which can be achieved if you have the right group of seasoned drivers. The problem in many cases is that finding drivers with the needed experience and the right cultural fit for your team can be extremely challenging.

Most trucking companies don’t have the time or tools to properly coach and motivate their drivers. The data, insights and feedback that their drivers do get comes too late to do anything about it. And to make things worse, many companies often assess their drivers using data that doesn’t take into account weather, terrain or traffic, leading to unfair results. It’s no wonder that drivers are burning out and leaving at an alarming rate.

There is a way forward, though. With LinkeDrive’s driver-centric approach to fleet performance management, you can support your drivers with fully-automated data, insights, engagements and coaching when and where they need it to get your fleet rolling in the right direction.

Here are the top 5 reasons to go driver centric with LinkeDrive:

25% improvement in driver safety -

LinkeDrive’s automated driver-centric coaching lets drivers know when they are stopping too abruptly and coaches them on how to avoid it in the future. This leads to significantly less harsh accelerations and decelerations, and most importantly, fewer accidents fleet-wide.

25x more positive driver engagement and coaching -

LinkeDrive’s automated daily, weekly, and monthly driver engagements reduce time and effort required to manage and coach driver performance - it's like adding 66 driver managers to a 1,000 truck fleet that are focused on engaging & coaching drivers the right way.

10% Increase in driver retention -

LinkeDrive’s driver-centric engagements and coaching improve driver morale and increase job satisfaction. This leads to drivers staying with their company for the long haul which also lowers recruiting and training costs.

Builds and increases organizational culture and trust -

LinkeDrive’s driver-centric data takes performance factors that are beyond a driver’s control into account, like weather, terrain, and traffic. This provides drivers with a fair assessment of their performance. When combined with dependable engagements, coaching and motivation that’s aligned with your company’s objectives, LinkeDrive’s solutions build ongoing trust between management and their drivers.

Increased fuel efficiency -

One of the biggest expenses for trucking companies is their fuel costs. With LinkeDrive’s real-time coaching, access to accurate driving data, and patented and award-winning PedalCoach, our clients achieve 3–5% better fuel efficiency as well as significantly lower emissions across their fleet.

If you’re looking to optimize driver performance, increase efficiency, and maximize profitability, putting your drivers first with LinkeDrive is the fastest way to pull ahead. To learn more about LinkeDrive’s driver-centric approach to fleet performance management, drop us a line below.

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