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Why Truck Driver Scorecards Aren’t Making the Grade

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Ever wonder why you are not seeing big improvements in driver performance using driver scorecards? It’s because the old school driver scorecard approach that so many take is behind the times, literally.

Driver Scorecards - driving by your rearview mirror

Using driver scorecards is kinda like driving down the highway using only your rearview mirrors. You can’t see what’s happening in real time, and you don’t have enough information to adapt to what’s ahead.

Driver scorecards show drivers data that reflects their performance over extended periods of time. Compiling the data can take days, even weeks before it finally gets to the driver. This delay results in missed opportunities for the driver to adjust and improve their performance. It also causes missed opportunities to provide meaningful feedback and coaching. Often, the delay can be so long that the data becomes irrelevant altogether. The data that scorecards use also does not take into account factors that are out of a driver’s control, things like weather, terrain, traffic, the type of rig they’re driving, or the weight of their cargo. Instead of helping drivers improve over time, this type of driver scorecard approach actually penalizes them.

The Way Forward

To perform at their best, today’s drivers need more than basic performance reporting systems and training. They need a solution that pulls fair and accurate driver fuel, safety, efficiency, and productivity data from across multiple systems. And they need it delivered in one simplified view in time for them to adjust. They also need personalized in-cab coaching so that they know how best to adjust and optimize performance. To top it all off, managers don’t have the capacity to do all of this themselves. That means that all of the above needs to be fully automated.

Thankfully, there is a fully-automated fleet performance management solution available that does all of this and more, LinkeDrive.

By combining cutting edge mobile technology with proven Nobel Prize-winning behavior science, LinkeDrive empowers drivers with timely, fair, accurate, and actionable data through daily, weekly, and monthly engagements. It also gives drivers personalized, positive coaching when and where they need it to help them optimize performance. Drivers can even see how they are trending and performing against their goals throughout the month. No longer do drivers have to worry about how they are performing or wait until the end of the month to get their performance results. The LinkeDriveR App for drivers aggregates and streamlines all of the performance-related data drivers need, no matter the source, and puts it right at their fingertips. With LinkeDrive, fleets are able to increase fuel efficiency, productivity, safety, profitability and driver retention at scale, all without increasing operations workload.

No matter how you look at it, the old school driver scorecard approach is failing, and if companies don’t shift how they’re engaging and coaching their drivers, they may find their fleets going nowhere fast. Luckily, with LinkeDrive’s modern automated fleet performance management system, the road ahead is not only wide open, but more profitable than ever.

To learn more about LinkeDrive’s driver-centric approach to fleet performance management, link up with us below.


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