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Updated: Mar 21, 2022

LinkeDrive’s DPM Showcasing Harsh Deceleration Decreases of 25%, Fuel Efficiency Gains of 5%, Retention Increased by 10%… while Building a Winning and Positive Culture!

Over the past few months, LinkeDrive has shared a series of articles that give a deeper perspective of who we are, our mission, and the value that our Driver Performance Management (DPM) solution brings to the trucking industry. Click the links below if you missed out!

As the bookend to this series, today we will evaluate the overall impact of our DPM solution, as well as specific areas of focus, such as Safety and Fuel.

These days, you don’t need to look far to see hashtags like #thankatrucker or #essentialworker on social media. The COVID-19 pandemic has opened our nation’s eyes to the vital service truckers and other essential workers provide our society. More and more, we hear drivers sharing stories of appreciation, from free lunches to the simple “thank you” from passersby. It only makes sense that, now more than ever, trucking companies want to create a better work experience and culture for their drivers, particularly when it comes to evaluating driver performance.

Evaluating driver performance is a sensitive topic for drivers and their companies. If done correctly, you can establish a culture of trust that puts your company on the path to becoming a best-in-class organization. If done incorrectly, however, the opposite can result. Trust is lost and company culture deteriorates, leading to an ongoing game of react and repair.

Could the LinkeDrive principles of Fairness, Positive Engagement, and Automation put your business on the path to achieving your operational and organizational goals? The answer is yes!

Above (left to right): a driver’s MyDrive report showing some great results, one of our customer’s Company MyScore reports highlighting a nice upward trend in Safety, a driver’s MyScore report showcasing a great Safety score lifting monthly!

Let’s take a closer look at the impact LinkeDrive’s Driver Performance Management solution has on the areas that are most important to the transportation industry. Below are the kinds of results you could see in your organization, typically within 6 months or less!

  1. Safety. Our patented safety analytics and MyCoach coaching, which specializes in predictive analytics and Natural Language Generation (NLG), helps every driver in your fleet improve and become a safer driver. Results: 25% decrease in harsh decelerations!

  2. Fuel. Our DPM solution is the only solution on the market that includes in-cab and real-time feedback to the driver! LinkeDrive’s PedalCoach delivers a positive and easy-to-understand gauge to help drivers achieve best-in-class fuel efficiency… it’s just like putting your best coach in the cab with every driver! Results: 5% gains in fuel efficiency!

  3. Driver Retention. Achieving best-in-class driver retention isn’t easy! But when you give drivers the right tools to be successful, invest in a system that creates a fair playing field, and engage drivers in a positive way, you will be surprised how quickly your driver retention can improve. Results: 10% increase in driver retention!

  4. Operational Efficiency. Our patented DPM solution not only automates the collection, normalization, and reporting of all telematics data (including any available 3rd party data sources), but we also automatically engage with each and every driver in a positive way – daily MyDrive reports, weekly MyCoach coaching, monthly MyScore reports. Results: combined operational ROI and additional operational value-add, of well over 1000% return!

The results below show the ROI for a 1000-truck fleet, where the average number of miles per truck is 120,000, cost of fuel is $2.50 per gallon, and MPG is 7.5.

By bringing together the core principles of Fairness, Positive Engagement, and Automation with our leading-edge DPM solution, we are delivering outstanding results!

Our game-changing results are available to all fleets with little to no time or energy required from your operations and management team. Once our DPM system is tuned to your organization’s goals, objectives, and culture, its automations independently take care of all day-to-day operations. This eliminates the inefficient workflows of your safety and operational personnel, allowing them to provide greater value and focus on cases that must be managed personally.

Getting to best-in-class isn’t going to happen by manual efforts and focusing on the bottom edge of the “performance bell curve”— it’s about transforming every driver’s experience, in turn shifting the entire bell curve!


Contact us to talk with one of our sales specialists to see your personalized ROI! Get started today to invest in your business and reap the benefits of LinkeDrive’s unique values of Fairness, Positive Engagement, and Automation!


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