Training on PedalCoach:     

PedalCoach Installation Instructions (PDF):
Instructions on how to install the Pedal Coach application on your Android device

Pairing the VNA to your Android Device (PDF):
Instructions on how to pair your device to your VNA/tractor

Windows Arrangement Feature (PDF):

Information on utilizing the floating windows arrangement feature for PedalCoach

Training on LinkeDriveR:

Introduction to LinkeDriveR (Video):
An introduction to the LinkeDriveR driver platform

Driver Performance Management:

Reports (Video):
Access to company and driver metrics, interactive reports    

Posted Reports (Video):
Access to previously generated and posted static reports

MyScore Introduction (Video):

An introduction to the MyScore report

User Info:

Users (Video)
List of current drivers, breaking out into individual user pages

Live Map (Video):
Live map featuring up to 72 hours of route tracking

SMS Log (Video):
Log showing all previous communication using our SMS system